Evolve rapidly
Our approach.

intoAction helps your organisation to evolve rapidly. We do so by taking a proven approach in which your business goals, a sustainable partnership and in-depth knowledge are our primary focus.

Whether you are looking for a solution to an acute problem or for the long term, we apply a targeted approach in a friendly and firm manner with you and your organisation, so that the result has a real impact: an improvement that helps your business to grow sustainably.

Targeted approach
Our people will become part of your organisation and will be trained and managed by intoAction. That is what makes our approach different to that of others.

Clear goals
Four steps to sustainable improvement
This is a step that is often missed out, but we consider it to be crucial, even when the request is small. A diagnosis enables us to clarify your request and objectives. It makes it clear to everyone what we are aiming for. Depending on the complexity of your request, we may be able to arrive quickly at a diagnosis, or it may become a slightly longer, stand-alone phase.
Once we know your objective, the question becomes how to get there. We will give you rational advice, based on your information and our experience in comparable cases. In other words; we bring context. The benefits? Speed, and yet a customised solution.
We create the optimum conditions in your business across the axes of people, process, information and technology to ensure that the solution has the intended effect.
Time for action: we help your organisation to evolve rapidly and ensure that money can be earned.
No labels
You get the best of three worlds

We’re occasionally asked: what are you, an agency, a consultancy firm or a staffing firm? We don’t go in for labels, but take the best elements from these three worlds:

• We pursue results in the way an agency does.

• Our approach is based on the broad knowledge and vision a consultancy firm has.

• We provide hands-on assistance in your organisation as you would expect from a secondment firm.

Our approach
What makes our approach different

Agencies take a problem from your business and solve it on the outside. We solve the issue in your context, so that you can learn from it and experience sustainable improvement. In contrast to conventional consultancy firms, we also offer in-house hands-on assistance and follow through on the advise. We’re more than a staffing firm: our people will become part of your organisation and will be trained and managed by intoAction.

We believe in the power of partnerships

A partner for life: that’s what we want to be for you. The better we know each other, the more we can do for each other. When you hire intoAction, you are not only bringing in skilled people who know what to do with your current situation, but also an element of continuity and certainty. And that’s something which is more than welcome in the fast-changing world of digital marketing, sales and service.

But we also understand that you don’t enter into a partnership indiscriminately. We therefore prefer to start small and prove our worth. 

Customised provision on the basis of best practices

‘Changing fast’ is actually an understatement. Trends, headlines and innovations follow each other in rapid succession. We say: you don’t have to commit to everything. We focus on where you are and help you to decide what is relevant to you at this point in time and taking the future in consideration. Result: a solution that matches what your organisation needs. Customised provision on the basis of best practices.

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