This privacy policy applies to IntoAction and is only intended for individuals in the Netherlands, parties who enter into an agreement with IntoAction or who visit one of our websites. IntoAction’s products and services may be subject to various legal requirements, depending on the country in which they are offered and sold. These requirements only apply to IntoAction’s products and services in the Netherlands and are exclusively intended for individuals in the Netherlands. By continuing to use our website, you actively confirm that you accept the privacy policy we pursue. If you do not wish to agree to our privacy policy, please cease using our services, including visiting our websites, and please reconsider any permission you have previously given. In that case, remember that you are also at liberty to remove any cookies, should you have accepted them in the past.

1.2 Content

This privacy policy describes the following specific elements related to collecting and using personal data in the case of:

  • use of our online services (Part 2)
  • clients, suppliers and other contractors (Part 3)
  • job applicants, temporary workers/agency workers, interns and employees (Part 4)

1.3 Reasoning behind this privacy policy

More and more people are becoming interested in privacy but there is often a lack of clarity about what happens to your personal data. We would like to use this privacy policy to explain which information we collect and how we use and protect this information. Where we are responsible for data processing or if it is within our reasonable capabilities, IntoAction aims to give you as much control over your own personal information as possible. We hope that you have confidence in our carefully drawn up privacy policy and that you will give us permission to process your data. One of the aims of this privacy policy is to inform you of what we do with personal data where you are able grant permission for this. You are at complete liberty to grant or withhold this permission. We require this permission for the use of some products and services. Without that permission, we would be unable to provide full use of our website services, for example. You are at liberty to adjust or withdraw permission you have granted whenever you wish. You can notify us of this at any time. If you are worried about the way in which we process personal data, IntoAction is happy to enter into a dialogue with you to alleviate your worries. This privacy policy contains various ways of entering into dialogue with us.

1.4 Advance permission for transfer of operations

In the unlikely event that we sell, merge, spilt or otherwise dispose of all or part of our operations to another party, we retain the right to transfer your information as part of our operating assets. By agreeing to our privacy policy, you give IntoAction the right in advance to transfer personal and other data in such cases – in addition to all the agreements between us including the rights deriving from them – which are directly or indirectly related to our services and products, to our parent companies, sister companies and/or subsidiaries, or a third party, without IntoAction requiring your explicit permission.

1.5 Policy changes

The world is continually evolving, as are technical capabilities and legal obligations. Nonetheless, IntoAction wishes to continue to comply with all applicable legislation and to protect your data effectively using technical and organisational measures. We work in conjunction with legal and technical experts, as well as a government body when applicable, to ensure that IntoAction complies with all applicable standards. We have the right to amend this privacy policy from time to time at our discretion. IntoAction recommends that you deal responsibly with your privacy and regularly check whether our privacy policy has changed. As mentioned elsewhere in this privacy policy, you may alter your preferences and permission at any time, including after a change to our policy.

1.6 Your rights

You are entitled to ask us for access to your own personal data. You may also ask us to make additions to your personal data or change inaccuracies if there is a reason to do so. Moreover, you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data or to limit the use of your personal data. You can also lodge an objection to our collecting and using your data or you may submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. And finally, you can ask us to acquire your personal data from another party or transfer your data to another party.
The abovementioned rights cannot be exercised in all circumstances. If we need your personal data in order to comply with the law, for example, you cannot lodge an objection or ask for it to be deleted.

1.7 Contact

You may contact us in order to be able to exercise your rights. If you have questions or would like more information about collecting and using personal data, you can of course contact us too.

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