Insights through Data

Whatever your digital strategy, the availability and quality of data determines its success. Data feeds email marketing, social marketing and content marketing, but also provides information and guidance for improving the performance of traditional marketing efforts such as commercials, billboards and advertisements.

There is a whole world of difference between gut feeling and real-time data-driven business processes and this is exactly where IntoAction feels at home. Our experience working for multinationals at various stages of digital transformation will help you get from A to B.

Five core Activities of Data Analytics

When targeting data, we make a distinction between the following steps:

  1. Setting goals – what do you want to achieve, how and when will it have succeeded?
  2. Data collection – amassing information from website, email, campaigns, social media, etc. (for example by tagging & tracking)
  3. Reporting – making the results clear (in dashboards, for example)
  4. Analysis – which information do the data and reports deliver?  (this requires people)
  5. Actions – implement improvements or start up new initiatives on the basis of the information.

Release the Power of Data

IntoAction can support you in each of these five steps. We often start with a specific request from a client. We help an organization to install Google Analytics and use it well or we assign one of our people to analyse the data collected. This can be a first step towards optimizing and preparing the organization for genuine digital operations. We are happy to guide you through this process and then help you to look at the operational organization once it is up and running.

Many multinationals collect large amounts of data, but in such a fragmented manner that opportunities fail to be exploited sufficiently. Web analytics are used to measure the performance of the website; social media are monitored so that responses can be sent via social media and email analyses are used to tighten up mail campaigns.

Take Data into your own Hands

We can enable you to connect, combine and link all of these. That will give you information that the entire marketing and sales department can focus on and adjust. The consumer will see all content coming from a single source; we can help you to really start omni-channel communicating.

In our vision, data is far too important to buy in skills to deal with it or even to routinely outsource it. Data is an asset in itself; we can help you to make the most of it yourself, so that your digital and traditional marketing can become increasingly targeted.

Our Clients

We are not IT specialists or consultants, but digital go-getters who look at your business in its entirety, develop the solution you need and ensure that it is dealt with in your organization. We delve down to the very essence of international companies so that everyone can work locally with our solutions. We help you to build your digital capabilities: we are Digital Capability Builders.

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