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Digital activation

Systematically convert your digital capability into concrete results for business and projects: that’s the pivotal issue in digital activation. intoAction will assemble a team for you which includes the right digital marketing specialists.

What is digital activation?

Engineering a change in your organisation is great, of course. But changes only actually produce something if you also implement the projects and the policy that emerge from them in the best possible way. And if you achieve evident results, making connections between marketing, IT and business. That’s what we call digital activation and intoAction is your trusted partner for this. We make the most of your capabilities in the current context.

What you can expect from us
  • problem solving

We work hands-on to solve your issue, problem or challenge.

  • Digital activation

We drive your project or policy in the best way possible.

  • Control of digital activation

We organize the best possible execution of your project or policy.

  • Vision of digital activation

We blueprint your digital activation organisation.

Unique: the combination with capability building

As well as digital activation (run), intoAction is also a specialist in capability building (change). And our company is one of very few that do this in the Netherlands. We have chosen this path very deliberately, because we can see how valuable the trade-off is between run and change in day-to-day practice. The findings that emerge during the run help to shape the capabilities.

Deployment and adoption

What is the linking pin between capability building and digital activation? Deployment and adoption. This is the way we ensure that your capabilities are viable and find their way to all levels of the organisation.

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Specialists who think and act

In conjunction with the stakeholders in your business, we will develop a comprehensive approach which combines your business objectives with marketing and technology. And once the approach has been decided? Then we can put it into practice. Because that is typical of intoAction: the combination of capability building and digital activation.

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