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We often say that change is the only certainty. And that is most definitely true in the fast-innovating world of digital marketing, sales and service. The aim of capability building is to systematically prepare and guide your organisation through changes in order to achieve your business goals, while still accommodating people, process, information and technology.

What is capability building?

Devising strategies, designing and building projects and programmes, formulating policy, change management: all of these come under the umbrella of capability building. Our capability builders can help your organisation to learn at speed and be versatile in a fast-changing world.

People, process, information and technology (PPIT)

Sustainable change or organized innovation can only be achieved across the axes of PPIT: four equally essential elements. Fantastic technology will only work if your employees can get to grips with it, if your processes are designed to work with it and if your information is appropriate. The fact is: the weakest link determines the ability. That is why we always approach your issue from these four angles to reinforce all the essential elements.

Call on us for
  • Vision
  • We can help you to develop a vision for digital transformation in marketing, sales or service and incorporate it into your organisation.

  • Selection
  • We can help you to prepare RFP to select a technology or implementation partner, for example.

  • Overall control
  • We can help you to ask the right questions of your technology supplier, your implementation partner, or others.
  • Implementation
  • We can help you to implement and run your organisation’s digital capability.
Your current situation is where we start

We don’t need to start from a greenfield situation. We can come onboard whenever you need us and adapt very quickly – whether that is at the first stop, halfway along the journey or just before the final destination.

Unique combination with digital activation

intoAction is one of the few companies in the Netherlands which specialises in both capability building (change) and in digital activation (run). Every day we notice how crucial the interconnection is between run and change. The practical experience of working at our clients provides us with valuable information we can put to use to facilitate change processes as well as possible. And you can benefit from this.

Deployment and adoption

Capability building is inextricably bound up with deployment and adoption at a local level in your organisation. That is why we not only help you to build your capability, but also ensure – in conjunction with all your stakeholders – that it becomes embedded in your organisation. The sooner we can start, the easier it will be.

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Specialists who think and act

In conjunction with the stakeholders in your business, we will develop a comprehensive approach which combines your business objectives with marketing and technology. And once the approach has been decided? Then we can put it into practice. Because that is intoAction: the combination of capability building and digital activation.

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