Digital Transformation

Every multinational is in a continuous process of digital transformation. This is a development that leads to more and more data-driven work, continuous learning and adjusting, personal, standardized and integrated campaigning across all channels. There are so many possibilities — all of which affect various places in the organization — that it can be difficult to find your focus.

Using today’s Results to build on Tomorrow

You can’t tackle everything at once and so you are looking for solutions to make your work better, smarter or more efficient as quickly as possible. We would like to help you identify actions and priorities. Together we will look at the biggest digital obstacles and at the quick wins: where can you achieve results in the short term?

Maturity Model

A maturity model will help us grow step by step. Because the benefits will be felt by everyone, you will create a support base in the organization and those involved will remain enthusiastic about continuing to develop further. There lies part of our strength: we can help your organization to learn faster and motivate employees to work with the new digital opportunities.

Distance and Affinity

Digital developments force you in one way or another to look at your organization in a different light. We have the required distance as well as experience with multinationals in various stages of digital transformation that enables us to make an assessment of your current situation. We examine what the core of your company consists of—not through months of analysis, but very pragmatically by means of specific workshops, interviews and desk research. What can we build on and where do the digital opportunities lie? After that, you won’t get an advisory report from us, but rather we will get to work to manage the transition and make your company increasingly skilful in a digital sense.

Our Clients

We are not IT specialists or consultants, but digital go-getters who look at your business in its entirety, develop the solution you need and ensure that it is dealt with in your organization. We delve down to the very essence of international companies so that everyone can work locally with our solutions. We help you to build your digital capabilities: we are Digital Capability Builders.

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