Digital Operations

Digital ought to make your work as a marketer easier. It should provide information that inspires you to make new propositions, highlight results that you can use to modify campaigns, ensure that you always have the right copy, photos and videos at the right time and even ease access to completely new sales channels. To be able to benefit from all these advantages and more, your day-to-day digital operations must be well organized. This is where IntoAction swings into action.

The added Value of Marketing

The advantages of digital are evident, but you don’t want to be personally involved in IT, technology, data collection and data analysis all day long. At IntoAction we join you in looking at where your most important added value lies as a marketing or sales manager in the digital marketing organization and what is needed to give you the best possible support.

Optimizing day-to-day Digital Reality

There are many practical aspects to processing data and managing content. These include entering data into the content management system, performing analytics and drawing up reports. To organize this well, we can optimize existing teams of employees by providing them with the right tools and skills, by making responsibilities clear and by embedding all the processes in the organization.

Fully-fledged Digital Organization

We can also assemble a whole new support department or provide capacity from IntoAction to perform certain tasks. We prefer to do the latter on a temporary basis, because our aim is to get your organization to grow into a fully-fledged digital organization. We want to act as facilitators and speed up your development.

Once the digital operation is in order, there will be scope to take the next step in your organization’s digital transformation. The converse is true too: digital transformation ambitions often feed the need for a better digital operation. Everything affects everything else in the digital world and that’s a very good thing.

Our Clients

We are not IT specialists or consultants, but digital go-getters who look at your business in its entirety, develop the solution you need and ensure that it is dealt with in your organization. We delve down to the very essence of international companies so that everyone can work locally with our solutions. We help you to build your digital capabilities: we are Digital Capability Builders.

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