Deployment and Adoption

The rollout and acceptance of a digital innovation is crucial for its success. A solution might work perfectly, but how do you get it to function perfectly in your organisation? That is the real question. IntoAction can help by means of Deployment & Adoption. Here, IntoAction focuses on the end user and the way in which the new tool or capability can make his or her way of working faster, easier and better. After that, we create the right framework for acceptance and application.

Embrace Change

However good a new solution may be, the investment will be worthless if no one uses the new technology properly. Too often the rollout in the organisation is seen as the final element of an IT project, with disastrous consequences. Deployment & Adoption goes well beyond a user training course to learn how to deal with the new software.
Your staff first need to be made fully aware of the benefit and added value of the new way of working. We will help you to really connect the vast capabilities of the technology to what the organisation needs. To do so, we often choose a growth path: let people get used to the basic functionalities first, then gradually build on that.

Focus on users’ Needs

In an ideal situation, you will factor in the introduction right from the start of the project: what will it mean for existing systems, how do we get the right people involved, how do we stay in step with the way people like to work? By doing this, you can develop a new solution on the basis of users’ needs and you avoid spending time later on having to convince and placate them.

Successful Rollout

After a successful Deployment & Adoption, the digital innovation will be compatible with your existing systems, employees will know to use the new technology on a day-to-day basis and they will do just that.

To help them, a digital operations team will offer practical assistance and the IT department will provide technical support. We thus bring about an optimum alignment between business and IT in matters relating to marketing, sales and service.

Our Clients

We are not IT specialists or consultants, but digital go-getters who look at your business in its entirety, develop the solution you need and ensure that it is dealt with in your organization. We delve down to the very essence of international companies so that everyone can work locally with our solutions. We help you to build your digital capabilities: we are Digital Capability Builders.

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