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AkzoNobel, the company behind the paint brands Flexa and Dulux (to name but two) wanted to reorganize its data collection so that it could compare the data from more than 45 local websites. IntoAction helped in the creation of integrated tag management.

Implementation and management of marketing and analytics tags

In the early days of tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, the IT department had to provide a lot of help. The tracking code, events and marketing pixels all had to be put into the website code manually.

Now there is Tag Management Software which acts as a flexible layer between a website and the various data systems.

Given that AkzoNobel was working with Google Analytics, we chose to connect Google Tag Manager to it. This enables AkzoNobel to flexibly place and manage data collection and marketing tags on its various websites.


Organizing data collection and tag management process

IntoAction provided support in various ways:

  • Deciding on the position of the tool in the current IT and marketing landscape;
  • Defining and modelling the Tag Management process;
  • Standardizing the demand and intake;
  • Training all those involved;
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager on more than 45(!) websites.

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