Transforming a digital support organization

Because of the division of Philips into Royal Philips (health) and Philips Lighting (lighting and lighting systems) the team that supported the marketing and sales organization also had to be split up. IntoAction helped Philips Lighting to reorganize its digital marketing support.

What was needed?

First of all, we shared our vision of support organizations and organizational change in the widest sense, and then we documented not only the exact level of demand and the size of the team, but also what the needs of internal and external customers were.

From blueprint to team composition and budget

Together with the client we made a blueprint of the new support organization and then filled it in by specifying roles, teams and activities. In the end, this led not only to the precise composition of a team of more than 40 experts and several suppliers, but also, for example, to drawing up and justifying the budget.

Seamless transfer

Prior to the new start following the demerger, agreements were made with various suppliers and the migration of current activities to the new team was prepared and performed. In the end, this led to an almost perfectly seamless transition and a flying start for both the support team and for internal customers.

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