Campaign Management

You get to know more and more about your customers in the digital world. Where they are, what their preferences are and when they need which information. In fact, your clients expect you to know this and act accordingly. There are moreover increasing opportunities for getting more of a grip on all the information – including product information – and content available in your organisation. A successful online campaign gets exactly the right content to the right clients at the right moment – not just once, but in a series of coordinated moments that generate value. IntoAction can assist you in setting out the practical aspects of campaign management.

From e-mail Campaign to omnichannel Strategy

Nowadays, the smart deployment of technology is the key to success for your online marketing activities. Our Customer Journey Enablement creates the landscape from which you can reach out to your clients, while campaign management focuses on the actual application of resources.

We will support you in setting up a single campaign right through to a comprehensive omnichannel strategy in which you make full use of every channel.

Continuous Measuring and Optimising

E-mail marketing, bannering, Ad words, SEO and designing landing pages where clients arrive if your message appeals to them: ideally, everything should be interlinked. During the campaign period we will measure the success of all the different resources and variants so that you can continually make adjustments and fine tune your campaign.
What happens if you tighten up the details of the message, the design or the application of resources? What exactly are you measuring, how do you analyse the results and are they being translated into the campaign? We can help you with this.

Marketing Automation

Engagement is the key: not simply reaching your end client, but entering into real interaction, engaging and seducing the client and ultimately creating loyalty. Personalisation is essential for this: customising the message as specifically as possible to match the client’s personal preferences and the phase the client is in. Marketing automation enables you to reach large numbers of clients as personally as possible and to optimally allocate your people and resources to this.

No one goes from a simple mailing to an always-on campaign lasting a year in one go. By definition, advanced and automated campaign management is something that needs to grow, but then in real-life situations so that you can reap the benefits from every subsequent step. We work in sub-projects to enable you to attain results fast and, taken together, these sub-projects will make your organisation more and more skilful.

Our Clients

We are not IT specialists or consultants, but digital go-getters who look at your business in its entirety, develop the solution you need and ensure that it is dealt with in your organization. We delve down to the very essence of international companies so that everyone can work locally with our solutions. We help you to build your digital capabilities: we are Digital Capability Builders.

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